UFO LED high bay light product introduction


Aluminum finned high thermal conductivity radiator; aluminum die-cast housing integrated with Mingwei drive power supply, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate; high transmittance PC flat sealing cover; multiple imported high brightness 3030 chips, with double ring and wire rope double safety installation components.

UFO LED high bay light product features:

1, using a number of high-power LED (3030) module as a light source, with high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, high indication, no ghosting;

2. Unique heat sink design, lighter weight, perfect combination of light source and heat sink, effectively conduct heat diffusion, thus reducing lamp body temperature, effectively ensuring the service life of light source and power supply;

3, no environmental pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, without any environmental pollution

4, good color rendering, more realistic physical color performance. Provide a variety of light colors to meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depression caused by the high and low temperature ribbons of traditional lamps, make the visual comfort more comfortable, and improve the work efficiency of workers;

5, using constant current and constant voltage control, the application of wide voltage (AC90-305V) to overcome the ballast generated by the grid, noise pollution and light instability, to avoid eye work stimulation, fatigue;

6, the decorative effect is excellent, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance of a variety of colors, easy to install, easy to disassemble, a wide range of applications.

UFO LED high bay light application:

School hall, hotel, factory, gas station, indoor stadium, exhibition hall, train station waiting room, library, logistics warehouse, cold storage, etc.

Advantages of UFO LED high bay lights

The UFO LED high bay light is a disc-shaped light source that looks like a UFO in a science fiction movie. This type of LED luminaire system consists of a flat-shaped, unitary aluminum housing with optical adjustments that are particularly well-suited for optimizing light distribution in specific areas without the need for heavy reflectors.

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