UFO LED High Bay Light Instruction Manual


Before installing the product, read the instructions carefully and save it for future reference. Be aware that sulfides, corrosive and soluble chemicals can damage the lampshade and even cause the bulb to die. The normal use environment temperature is -30 ° C ~ 50 ° C. Exceeding this range will adversely affect product life. The company is not responsible for the consequences of using transformers other than those provided by the company.

UFO LED High Bay light Installation method

UFO LED High Bay light application


1. Please cut off the power before installation;

2. Do not connect high voltage power supply before installing the product, strictly use the nominal working electrical parameters of the product for connection;

3. If the external power line and signal line of the lamp are damaged, the power must be cut off and repaired or replaced by a qualified engineering technician

4. power supply, lamp beads must be replaced by professionals;

5. It is forbidden to use violent places for installation and construction during construction and installation;

6. pay attention to fire, electricity and shock.

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