The LED patch light keeps flashing and troubleshooting


Under normal circumstances, the fault originates from the failure of the LED light-emitting diode itself. The possible causes are:

1. Poor contact of the LED heat dissipation components leads to long-term high temperature work, which leads to damage to the LED itself;

2. There is a problem with LED welding, which causes poor heat dissipation and damage;

3. There are virtual connections in the power circuit;it is recommended to eliminate them one by one. If you have poor hands-on ability and no maintenance foundation, it is recommended to send professional maintenance personnel to repair.

Some of the lamp beads are bad and most of the lamp beads are normal. This is the phenomenon.

The LED patch light keeps flashing and troubleshooting   remove the light board after power off

Solution, remove the light board after power off:

1. Use the diode gear of the digital multimeter or the 200Ω resistance gear to check the status of the lamp beads one by one. The test pen touches the two feet of a lamp bead at the same time according to the polarity. If there is a dim light, the lamp bead is good, and no light is bad. . Remove the broken beads and replace them with good ones, and the whole lamp can be restored to life.

2. If it is an overall inferior lamp bead, it is recommended to replace the lamp board as a whole, which is easier and more reliable.

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