Why do LED lamps break easily in summer?


I don’t know if you have found that LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamps, LED desk lamps, LED floodlights, LED high bay lights, etc., are more prone to damage in summer, and the probability of damage is much higher than in winter. Why?

The answer is only one: the lamps do not dissipate heat well. In summer, the temperature is relatively high, and the LED lamps will emit heat as well, and the lamps are burned out.

So what caused it?

1. The heat conduction material of the lamp is not enough. For example, the existing low-quality light bulb is all plastic, and the heat of the light source cannot be conducted. Why is it not broken?

2. The heat dissipation design of the luminaire is unreasonable. Many luminaires have no heat dissipation design at all. It is said that the accessories are assembled directly without scientific experimentation. Why is it not bad?

3. The installation environment is unreasonable. The installation of LED lamps requires a certain amount of heat dissipation space to dissipate heat, and the installation environment is humid. LED lamps are also prone to damage in a humid environment, because LED lamps are composed of electronic components. Affect performance and cause easy damage. For this reason, only users should pay attention to it.

To sum up, LED lamps are prone to breakage in summer. The main problem is the quality and use of the lamps. You need to pay attention to the selection and use of lamps.

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