Several requirements for civil building lighting


There are many requirements for lighting in civil buildings, and the relevant regulations are more detailed. Here are a few points to share with you.

1. The general lighting of each place must be set up, and the needs of the nature of the visual activity of the place must also be met.

Because general lighting is basic lighting, it meets the basic light environment requirements of the place. The store in Figure 1 uses downlights as general lighting and is evenly arranged.

general lighting

Figure 1 Example of general lighting

2. It is recommended to use partitioned general lighting for places with permanent passage areas, and the illuminance of the passage area should not be lower than 1/3 of the illuminance of the work area.

channel lighting

Figure 2 Example of channel lighting

Permanent fixed channels are often used in commercial lighting, especially outlets and specialty stores. According to experiments, the indoor environment and visual tasks are close to each other, such as each store and aisle in Figure 2, the brightness of the aisle should be as low as possible than the brightness of the store, but the difference between the two should not be too large, preferably not less than 1/3 of the brightness of the store to avoid visual fatigue caused by visual discomfort.

3. Fields with fine visual work requirements need to set up local lighting for the visual work area. The surrounding illuminance of the work area should be reduced according to the illuminance of the work area and not less than 200lx. The general lighting illuminance of the remaining areas is not less than 100lx. .

office lighting

Figure 3 Examples of office lighting

Figure 3 shows the lighting of an office place. General lighting provides basic lighting. Each station is equipped with local lighting to meet the lighting requirements of employees. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for general lighting to account for 1/3~1/5 of the total illuminance of the work area.

The vicinity of the work area has not been clearly defined. Generally, it refers to the area within 0.5m of the work area. If the illuminance distribution drops too fast, it will cause visual difficulties and discomfort. Therefore, the illuminance requirements for the vicinity of the work area are to provide brightness in the field of view. (Illumination) The distribution is well-balanced, and there is a suitable illuminance gradient, which will not cause visual discomfort, and has the effect of energy saving.

Illumination changes in office space in Figure 3: office space, 500lx (300lx) → neighboring surroundings (≥200lx) → other areas (≥100lx).

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