What are the lighting precautions for industrial plants?


1. For lighting, select appropriate illuminance according to visual requirements, nature of work and environmental conditions, and adopt appropriate brightness distribution and uniformity of lighting to reduce unnecessary shadows and make the visual space clear;

2. Correctly select light sources and lamps, limit glare, and improve the safety of operations and activities under light;

3. No flicker is required to reduce irritability and anxiety;

LED wareshop light application

4. Reasonable selection of light sources to reduce the adverse effects of light, heat and ultraviolet radiation on people and objects;

5. Handle the selection of light color and color rendering index, make it coordinate and harmonious, and create a favorable color discrimination environment for work and life, so as to create a relaxed and comfortable work and activity.

The precautions for industrial plant lighting are: industrial plant lighting is mainly workshop lighting, plant lighting and warehouse lighting, etc. The workshop lighting requirements are higher, generally ranging from 400lx-1000lx. The plant lighting is preferably 200lx-300lx, while the warehouse 50xl-100xl is sufficient to ensure the comfort and safety of workers and do anti-glare treatment under the condition of reaching a certain illuminance.

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