Advantages and effects of energy-saving LED street lights for energy-saving dimming in road lighting


Why is it more convenient to use high-power energy-saving dimming for street lights?

In road lighting, we now use high-power LED street lamps. Compared with traditional halogen lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, the energy-saving rate of conventional LED street lamps can reach more than 50%. Therefore, we have many municipal roads and parks today. The traditional street lights on the road are replaced with high-power LED street lights and more energy-saving dimming LED street lights.

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We also tried to dimming the high-pressure sodium lamp before the energy-saving transformation. The high-pressure sodium lamp belongs to the gas discharge lamp. The light source emits light by triggering the gas metal element in the lamp tube by high pressure. If it is suddenly changed during work, the operating voltage or When the current or the working voltage and current are reduced to a certain value, the high-pressure sodium lamp will flicker or stop working. Therefore, the dimming of the high-pressure sodium lamp is very difficult and the cost is higher. Why is it more convenient to make energy-saving retrofits for energy-saving LED street lights?

In fact, LED street lamp lighting uses diode chips to emit light, working through electronic driving, and using constant current power supply for the LED lamp beads, so we only need to adjust the output current of the driving power supply for dimming. The output current of the full light is 300mA , Then we can gradually reduce the current by adjusting, stepless dimming can also directly reduce the current to the set value, so that we can directly add a dimming chip to the driving power supply, and dimming through various methods such as external dimming or fixed dimming.

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Outdoor road lighting adopts dimmable high-power energy-saving LED street lights to have more significant energy-saving effects?

As energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-power lighting, road lighting is a necessary part of energy-saving and environmental protection. Nowadays, many road lightings are gradually replacing traditional old-fashioned high-pressure sodium lamps with high-power. We also found that when the traffic volume is relatively large in road lighting It is before 00:00 in the middle of the night, and after 00:00 or even later, there are fewer traffic and pedestrians. Therefore, the lighting power of our road lighting led street lights can be lowered, so as to achieve more energy saving and environmental protection. The effect of energy-saving LED street lights can be achieved through a variety of dimming methods. For example, timing dimming means that we set the time at the factory so that we can dim the light at the set time. The conventional setting is 5 hours after lighting The power of led street light is automatically halved. If the original actual power is 200W, it will be automatically reduced to 100W after 5 hours. Other dimming methods for led street lights include PMW dimming, 0-10V dimming, etc., which can be through the integrated management software And network setting dimming and so on.

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