What are the two "reading lights" commonly used in hotels for?


It is inevitable for us to travel to other places to stay in hotels. I believe everyone has seen it. Many hotels will install two spotlights on the bedside of the room and illuminate the spotlights on the bed. People habitually call the lights placed here as reading lights. .

In fact, the customers who really stay in the hotel seldom sit on the bedside and read by these two spotlights. So many interior designers have doubts about this kind of lamp. Why do hotels install it here because they are obviously not suitable for reading lamps?


Is this light really for you to read?

We might as well imagine, when we are sitting on the head of the bed, how would you sit if the two lamps above can read to you? The book should be laid out in this way so that the lamp above can shine on the book, so you can only use this lamp to read when you are sitting in a halt.

But if you want to sit downright, you can go to the desk next to it. Why sit on the side of the bed? In fact, people usually read a book in a half-lying position on the bedside, but in this position, the light above can only shine into your eyes, and there is no light on your book. So we can say that these two lamps are indeed not lamps for reading.

We can carry out an analysis, the entire hotel room is generally dark, so the bedside position is usually the center of vision. Therefore, the hotel will also install more decorative elements there, so it is necessary to have lighting to highlight these decorations, express the design elements, and form a visual focus.

For example, in the following two pictures taken in the same room, when the spotlight on the bedside is not on, the painting on the wall is vivid, because it is not illuminated by the light, it does not form a proper visual focus, although the layout is precise. , But the whole room still looks dull and gloomy.

In another picture, the spotlight illuminates the painting on the bedside, forming a visual focus, which makes people feel that this bedside area is specially designed to attract people's attention. From this we can conclude that these two lights are actually arranged to create a visual focus.

Let's compare the feelings that different lights bring to us through two renderings of the same angle. The lighting purpose of one picture is very clear, that is, to illuminate the silk painting in the background, while the other silk painting does not have high brightness. After comparing these two pictures, it is obvious that the vision of the first picture is visible. The focus is particularly clear, which is more in line with the distribution requirements of the light environment in this space.

Through the elevation and cross-sectional views, we can also clearly see that the spotlights above illuminate the backboard of the bedside, and there may be exquisite oil paintings or some decorative cloth on the backboard. These decorations that are worthy of attention add a lot of artistic design to the room, and this spotlight is set up to enhance their sense of existence.

The hotel’s bedding is generally white. If two rays of light shine on the hotel’s bed sheets, pillows, pillows and other high-end and beautiful beddings, the guest will be able to see the quality of the things on the bed when they enter the door. Refreshing feeling, enjoy the value-for-money visual and spiritual experience.

This is a service that a high-quality hotel needs to provide to its guests, so we can provide bright lights for the bedding in the room. Like some high-end hotels, their spotlights are all shining on the bedding, not on the backboard. Because at this time, it is not a reading light that provides reading lighting, but a display light in the room.

In this way, the spotlight installed on the bedside generally has two uses: the first is to illuminate the oil paintings hanging on the wall or some decorations that adorn the room to make it more expressive of its own artistic sense; the other is Illuminated on the bed in the room, making the quilt and pillows on the bed look more quality and high-end.

Other ways to illuminate the wall

If the purpose is to highlight the pattern on the back of the bedside wall or the texture on the wall, or let the objects hung on the wall play the function of decorating the room, besides the above-mentioned methods, we can solve the problem, is there any What about other lighting methods?

The answer is yes, in addition to the two spotlights, it can also be expressed in many ways, such as the "wall-wiping method" we often call.

"Wall-cleaning method" is a design technique developed from wall-washing. It is different from the other way of illuminating the wall, "Wall-washing method" that we often say. The biggest difference is that the light of "Wall-cleaning method" is more emphasized. It is the texture of the light-receiving surface material itself, and the "wall washing method" emphasizes the uniformity of the light on the wall surface, using the uneven texture of the plane itself to create a unique light and shadow effect, which produces rich drama.

The "wall rubbing method" arranges the light source as close as possible to the light-receiving surface, and rubs the light on the wall with a narrow beam. The beam angle used for wall-cleaning lighting is generally narrow, and densely installed downlights or linear lamps are often used. Since the focus of polishing is to highlight the texture and texture of the wall, the installation position of the wall cleaning lighting must be very close to the wall. Generally, it is recommended that the ratio of the distance from the wall to the height of the illuminated wall be less than 1:5.

For example, install a light trough on the backboard of the bed and illuminate the light trough upward;

You can also make some modeling lights, that is, install a light trough with a peculiar shape to shine upwards;

Or install light troughs on both sides to illuminate in the middle to achieve the same effect.

What should a real reading light look like?

In fact, if a guest wants to read a book in a hotel bed, he should be half-leaning on it.

Where does light come from at this time? If the light shines from top to bottom, but the guest reads in this posture, the light above will cause shadows instead of bright lights. So the correct answer is not to be photographed from above, but to be photographed from the back side of the headboard to the front. So if you want to read a book, you should use that kind of real reading light. Good hotels usually have real reading lights on both sides.

Or you don't use a small spotlight mounted on the wall, but you can also use slightly dimmable lamps such as chandeliers and desk lamps. When you want to read a book, you just need to increase the brightness, which of course is also possible.

The question at the beginning of the article, you already have the answer in your mind. But there is another question. If the two spotlights on the bedside are still on, wouldn't it make your eyes feel uncomfortable when reading? Yes, but if there is an intelligent control system in the hotel, the problem can be solved. By switching different lighting scenes, the lighting in the room can be adapted to the different activities of the guests. This is a good lighting design for hotel rooms.

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