How much do you know about LED panel light power supply?


Main requirements of LED panel light drive power supply

1. Double high, namely: high power factor (PF) and high conversion efficiency. Products with PF=0.9 and above have far exceeded the standard requirements of power grids in various countries in the world, thereby reducing pollution to the power grid; and products with high conversion efficiency, electric energy is converted into light energy to a greater extent, reducing heat loss. .

2. The power supply is distinguished according to the connection voltage: wide voltage power supply - the so-called wide voltage means that it can adapt to most normal working voltages. Generally speaking, the range of wide voltage is: 85-265VAC or 100-265VAC;

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3. Narrow voltage power supply: The so-called narrow voltage is actually relative, the narrow voltage range is mostly: 175-265V (also 185-265V), different power supply suppliers are different.

4. Distinguish according to input and output: there are isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply.

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