Briefly analyze the future development trend of led panel lights


As the global energy crisis continues to intensify, energy conservation and environmental protection have become an important direction for future industrial development, and LED, as a new type of green light source product, has also made breakthroughs in the current environment. In the lighting market, the market share of LED panel lights is also increasing, especially in recent years, LED panel lights have gradually become a favorite lighting fixture for consumers and manufacturers.

The development prospects of led panel lights are huge and cannot be ignored. LED panel lights are used to replace traditional lamps because of the market's recognition. And the styles are diverse, which can better meet the needs of different consumers, and bring the improvement and change of lifestyle to the majority of users. Next, Yenhualighting will take a look with you, as a dark horse in the lighting market, the development trend of led panel lights;

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1. Integrated technology. With the rapid development of the electronic technology of lighting lamps represented by electronic ballasts, the application of various integrated devices and computer control systems to lamps and lighting systems has made significant progress. Light color and other aspects have been greatly improved.

2. Combination of lighting and decoration. LED panel lights have developed from "lighting up" to "beautiful", as people pay more and more attention to the combination of decorative and aesthetic effects. In order to reflect the achievements of modern lighting technology, the design and production of led panel lights need to use modern science and technology to combine classical modeling with a sense of the times.

3. Use high-efficiency energy-saving light sources. In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting technology, the design of energy-saving lighting fixtures has become the most concerned issue for lighting manufacturers. To achieve high efficiency and energy saving, LED panel lights should first use energy-saving light sources, which is the premise of promoting high-efficiency energy-saving lamps; secondly, according to the size and shape of energy-saving light sources, the optical system of lamps and lanterns should be carefully designed to improve the effective utilization rate and decorative effect of lamps.

4. Miniaturization and multi-functional development. With the continuous wide application of various new technologies and new processes, the miniaturization of lamp electrical accessories such as ballasts, led panel lamps are developing in the direction of small, practical and multi-functional. And in order to adapt to the flexibility requirements of changing indoor sizes and functions of modern buildings, and make the best use of building space to facilitate people's lives, multi-functional combined lamps came into being. For more information, please pay attention to Yenhualighting  or contact us +86 0755-28910727.

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