Frequently asked questions about LED panel lights


LED panel lights, also known as LED panel lights, have the advantages of beauty, generosity, environmental protection, energy conservation, high brightness, and eye protection. Today, let's analyze the three common problems with LED panel lights.

1. Lamp Shadow

Each LED lamp bead often has certain differences. If the voltage and current differences between the lamp beads are too large, some of the lamp beads are brighter, and some of the lamp beads are darker, this can lead to a light shadow phenomenon on the surface of the light guide plate.

2. Yellowing

The appearance and color of the light guide plate will vary depending on the plate, process, and manufacturing method.

3. Dark area

There are various reasons for dark areas:

1. The uniformity of the light guide plate is not good, and some parts of the light guide plate are brighter and some parts are darker;

2. The light guide plate is dirty, damaged, and other undesirable phenomena;

3. The voltage drop of the lamp body is relatively large,

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