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Built for Agriculture


Built for Agriculture

Upgrading your existing fixtures to Yenhua’s LED products can significantly enhance your indoor riding facility, barn or other agricultural facilities. In addition to reducing energy and maintenance, upgrading your lighting to Yenhua will create a safer space for your employees, visitors, animals, and other livestock. 


When performance, maintenance and color temperature are a top priority, Yenhua fixtures are the unmatched solution.

·         Reduce energy costs

·         Avoid costly maintenance costs

·         Enhance the entertainment experience

·         Increase foot candles

·         Improved rider and employee safety

·         Rebates available

·         Multiple reflector options for optimum uplighting and distribution

Recommended Agriculture Fixtures

Yenhua fixtures are the ideal fit for almost any application. Utilizing powerful LEDs and industry-leading patented technology, Yenhua fixtures outperform the competition. From warehousing to agriculture, Yenhua is Built for You.

Our LED high bay, LED wall packs and LED flood lights are recommended. Looking for more LED lighting options? Yenhua has industry-leading LED solutions with the worldwide leading warranty.


ABOUT Yenhua Optoelectronics

Yenhua Optoelectronics is a leading integrated lighting manufacturer. Its durable, high performance LED lighting products demonstrate the company’s worldwide cutting-edge capabilities. Today Yenhua has become a reputable OEM / ODM supplier of a wide range of indoor and outdoor lightings exported to more than 80 countries.


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