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Yenhua's LED Street Light


LED street lights are integrated lights that use LED diodes (LEDs) as a light source. This is considered an integrated lamp because in most cases the lighting fixture is not a separate component. Throughout the manufacturing process, the LED light unit is sealed on the panel and then assembled on the LED panel according to the heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture.

Pavement and Street Community Lighting LEDs - Overview Lighting fixtures play a leading role in ensuring smooth traffic and residential safety. LED road lighting is the future choice of environmentally friendly energy saving, long-term and economic development. The Yenhua  LED road light system is versatile and easy to manage, maintain and monitor. In addition, the carbon dioxide emission amount is lower than that of the conventional illumination source, and a greener and brighter future is promoted. The streetlight's LED option saves energy and provides the right lighting for smooth traffic.

In addition to energy saving, LED lighting has long been proven to reduce environmental pollution. The LED electro-optical components are designed to diffuse and illuminate in a more precise way than traditional road signs, thereby reducing glare and lighting fixtures only for the overall target area.

Professional led street light manufacturer

LED street lights can be used for city roads, highways, surrounding buildings, airports, gas stations.

Here are the features of our LED street lights:

• Universal voltage: AC100-277V

• Use high quality SMD 3030/2835 chip, IES data.

• Mean Well UL/CUL driver.

• High power factor > 0.9, low THD driver.

• The entire bulb powder coating is brighter and will not fade and corrode.

• Configure multiple lenses.

• Silicone rubber seal, moisture proof, high temperature resistance.

• Support 180° adjustment arm to change the angle of the lamp at will.

• IP65 rating for outdoor use.

• Warranty for 5 years.

• Provide Photocell or PIR sensor.

• UL certificate.

Among other functions, the LED is turned on almost immediately with full brightness, with no restart delay.

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