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LED panel lights for commercial and home lighting


The LED panel light is unique in design, and the light passes through the high light transmittance light guide plate to form a uniform planar light-emitting effect, and the illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft, comfortable and bright, and the eye fatigue can be effectively alleviated. This modern LED expertise enhances new features in the home, office or business.

The extremely high power efficiency allows this new LED panel to save on electricity every year. It saves 50% to 90% more energy than incandescent or fluorescent tubes. Although they may purchase more than the initial level of cost, LED lights will be completed for a long time.

They are resistant to shocks, drops and vibrations, they are relatively mild by continuous regulation or activation, and are simply unaffected, they are smaller and offer a wide variety of uses. With the highest residential or office features, LED panel lights will greatly reduce your property consumption, more traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lamps.

led panel light For supermarket    LED lighting does not contain mercury or different hazardous substances because they do not contain 

    mercury, and sales or damage are not a problem and will reduce environmental and landfill contamination. 

    They are open and closed and are smaller in size for a variety of uses. In addition, they can appear in a large 

    number of colors of their diodes and semiconductor materials, which eliminates special filter or color 

    applications, thereby greatly reducing the overall price of the lighting requirements they seem to manipulate.

    LED panel light, it comes from the idea of grid lights. In fact, there are still LED grille lights on the market, 

    among which 3 LED tubes are on a grid base, the lighting effect is good, but considering to provide users 

    with more warm and harmonious lighting, from the concept of the matte lamp, the designer begins Make the 

    entire LED panel light instead of some LED tubes.

   So how can we make the LED panel brighter? We use the brand SMD LED chips as the light source, usually 

   SMD2835, the LED chips from Samsung or Epistar, which are known for their harmonious distribution of 

   lighting distribution.

Similar to LED strips, LED panel lights use hundreds of SMD2835 or SMD4014 LED chips as the light source, only 9 mm thick, and SMD leads the chip on all sides of the panel (commonly referred to as edge-emitting or side-illuminated panel lights). LED panel lights are more popular in markets for commercial and home lighting purposes because they are cheaper and more flexible to install.

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