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New UFO LED high bay light has been put on the market


Now, I highly recommend another star product, that is, the die-casting series integrated driver design UFO LED high bay light that debuted at the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair not long ago.

IP67 UFO LED High Bay light manufacturer   Mass production of led high bay lights

UFO LED High Bay Lights Function and application:

● Simple shape, simple assembly, environmental protection and safety, economy and energy saving;

● High-quality die-cast aluminum material, the surface is dust-protected, suitable for different environments;

● Radiator adopts fin-type circumferential hollow forming design, which can transfer heat quickly.

● Multiple light distribution angles and multiple powers;

● Famous brand power and light source;

 IP67 UFO LED High Bay light manufacturer  Integrated driver design led high bay light

● IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade;

● Microwave and light sensor can be installed;

● It is mainly used for indoor lighting in high spaces such as factories, large supermarkets and warehouses.

high-quality led high bay light   led high bay light application

The flying saucer die-casting series industrial and mining lights have the characteristics of simple assembly, high light efficiency, and light source cavity dust, and provide three powers of 100W, 150W, and 200W, providing a high-quality lighting solution for quickly achieving high-quality high-space lighting.

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