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Multifunctional UFO LED High Bay Light


Yenhualighting UFO LED high bay lights  are undoubtedly the choice of enterprises for factory lighting, energy-saving innovation, quality first, to provide customers with one-stop service of LED lighting product design, production, installation and service, to ensure factory lighting needs and production safety, and create more high value.

Yenhualighting UFO LED high bay lights have a variety of lighting products suitable for major workshops and workshops. Not only are they beautiful in appearance, each with their own characteristics, multi-functional UFO led high bay lights, but also low light decay, high power led high bay lights, pure light color, It eliminates the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, makes the visual department feel more comfortable, and improves the work efficiency of workers.

150W UFO LED High Bay light manufacturer   Yenhua lighting Hot-Selling UFO LED Highbay light

The lower the power factor of the UFO LED high bay light is, it means that the driving power and circuit design used by the UFO LED high bay light are not well set up, which will greatly reduce the service life of the UFO LED high bay light. The quality of the lamp beads directly determines the quality of the UFO LED high bay light, and the quality of the lamp beads also determines the quality of the chip and packaging technology. The luminous efficiency of UFO LED high bay lights. If the UFO LED high bay lights use the same lamp beads, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness;if the lighting brightness is the same, the less power consumption is, the LED industrial and mining lights The more energy-efficient the lamp.

For UFO LED high bay lights, an excellent heat dissipation system is the most critical. Because if the heat is not effectively conducted out, it will directly affect the service life of the lamp. Yenhualighting UFO LED high-bay lamp module has a fin structure and a hollow back of the lamp to form convection heat dissipation, reduce chip temperature and improve light source reliability. Ordinary UFO LED high bay lights use centralized heat dissipation, which has poor performance and reliability.

Yenhualighting UFO LED high bay lights through secondary light distribution design, condenses limited light to an effective working surface, three light distribution methods, warehouse led high bay lights, can meet different needs;it can also enhance the uniformity of lighting and improve the ground Utilization rate, energy saving;can also reduce light pollution, light intrusion, and make lighting more comfortable. Ordinary UFO LED high bay lights have large light distribution errors, or light distribution is not considered.

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