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The luminaire manufacturer will need to have the light source removed and replaced from the luminaire by September 2020.


According to a foreign media LUX report, the draft EU regulation has already raised a possibility that it may return to the days of “lighting fixtures + replaceable light sources”.

The EU will require that the light source must be replaceable

According to this radical proposal, luminaire manufacturers will need to allow the light source to be removed and replaced from the luminaire by September 2020.

The Ecodesign draft law states: “Manufacturers and importers should ensure that light sources and individual controls within the scope of this regulation can be easily removed by the end user without causing permanent mechanical damage.”

“In the event that end-users cannot easily remove light sources and individual controls, manufacturers and importers should ensure that the product is designed in such a way that qualified professionals can easily remove the light source and separate controls.”

If these proposals are passed, they will have a major impact on the production of lamps.

In recent years, with LED occupying a dominant position in the market, manufacturers have integrated LEDs and light sources, and LEDs are usually connected to the body of a heat sink or device. Many luminaires, especially those with a high degree of protection, are fully sealed.

If you change to this new approach, it will be a major change for companies that invest heavily in automation. In addition, the proposed schedule of only 28 months is also expected to be challenged.

The proposal also believes that the use of tungsten halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources is effectively prohibited in 2020. The minimum efficiency requirement for all light sources is 85 lumens/watt and the maximum standby power is 0.5 watts.

This point of the regulations is opposed by cinemas and live broadcast venues because these venues rely on main light sources, such as HPL single ended tungsten lamps. According to previous laws, this area is immune. The Lighting Designers Association has launched a campaign called Save Stage Lighting to counter these suggestions.

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