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Do you know some of the advantages of LED panel lights?


Modernizing a home or office with LED panel lights instead of traditional fluorescent ceiling lights is a quick way to save a lot of power. Moreover, larger panels will allocate a brighter lighting environment and reduce maintenance costs and time. Here are 8 advantages of LED panel lights:

1. Flexible design

LED panel lights can benefit from a light distribution network. This allows the designer to create a kitchen or workplace format to complete the journey of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

2. Ultra-brightness

One of the main advantages of LED panel lights is the sealed design and high quality reflective panels for ultra-high brightness. More importantly, panels made of aluminum frames and illuminated conductive panels provide better brightness.

3. Reduce heat dissipation

It is well known that LEDs can dissipate less heat, which means that their energy consumption is very low. With proper heat dissipation, almost no heat is generated, which is perfect for homes and offices with limited space, especially in summer.

4. Long life

In general, these LED panel lights can last up to 60,000-100,000 hours if they are well maintained, which means that these LED panel lights can last up to 25 years if the lights are illuminated 7-8 hours a day.

5. Lighting adjustment

Most LED panel lights have the option of adjusting the light intensity, which means that users can enjoy soft, eye-friendly and gentle light, and avoid cruel, unpleasant light when needed.

6. Anti-shock

These LED panel lights are shockproof and will not be damaged. Many lamps are made of tough resin or aluminum frames instead of glass. In addition, this design also helps solve high temperature problems.

7. Easy to control

The user can control the LED panel lights through an external controller to achieve various effects, such as changing the brightness and color temperature.

8. Environmental protection

The low power consumption of LED panel lights means they use environmentally friendly technologies and ultimately save a lot of power. LED panel lights minimize contamination throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, LED panel lights do not contain mercury. The lumen output of a single LED panel is almost the same as the lumen output using six fluorescent bulbs, which will reduce the high voltage requirements in the room.

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