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How should warehouse lighting choose the right LED fixture?


In recent years, LED lights have developed rapidly and have been used in various fields of social development. In order to ensure the delivery of goods, not only in the quality, type and price of the goods, the competition is fierce, and the delivery rate is the top priority for attracting consumers. In order to increase the supply rate, all major companies have created warehousing logistics. In order to improve warehouse logistics rate and large bottom limit to improve staff efficiency, high-quality warehouse lighting control system is the first prerequisite.

Scientific research shows that high-quality storage lighting control system can not only improve the efficiency of warehousing logistics and freight logistics business processes, it also ensures the safety factor of intelligent storage of the natural environment, and can reduce the maintenance cost and operating cost of the logistics industry. 

For every factory, the warehouse is an essential key venue. Then, when designing concealed lighting fixtures, what should be paid attention to in high-quality LED warehouse lighting fixtures? Which LED warehouse lighting fixtures should be selected?

1. LED light security

The first point we should consider is the safety factor of LED lighting fixtures. Safety first, the lamps must have the necessary IP rating, the power circuit is sealed, and the safety risks and common fault points are very low. This will ensure that all LED lighting fixtures are operating properly and safely.

2. Reasonable LED lighting solutions.

Depending on the comfort of the vision and the height of the environment, it is necessary to have a properly designed lighting fixture to ensure that the LED maintains the brightness and symmetry of the lighting fixture, reduces unwanted shadows, and builds a visual interior. Clear and bright.

3. High quality lamps.

The LED warehouse lighting fixtures we use in our warehouses have a long life. It must also be characterized by safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection. Since the lighting fixtures are often problematic for the warehouse, this will increase the cost, and it is not cost-effective. It is best to select reliable and long-life LED lighting fixtures. It is also necessary to have high color rendering, and the index value should clearly identify the mark on the goods and goods. This will be important to improve the efficiency of the warehouse staff.

4. Vertical lighting.

Most of the visual work in the warehouse takes place on a vertical plane, so apart from the basic level lighting fixtures that guarantee crosswalks, the vertical lighting fixtures of the iron shelves are the most important condition for determining the quality of LED lighting fixtures.

5. Lighting dimming.

LED warehouse lighting fixtures with sensors maintain an intelligent lighting system that illuminates when there is sufficient brightness during the day and lights up when lighting is needed at night. Auto dimming saves a lot of power energy for many storage.

In order to choose the LED lighting for warehouse lighting, we must also match the surrounding environment. At the same time, it is necessary to deal with the combination of light source and natural light to improve the lighting quality of the warehouse. So, which lighting fixture is suitable for warehouse lighting? Here, we recommend the following lighting fixtures.

UFO LED High Bay light manufacturer

Because of the high brightness and high luminous flux of the lighting fixtures, the light intensity values are completely satisfactory. After-sales service costs are extremely low. The luminaire is suitable for lift and ceiling installation.

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