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What is the leakage light on the side of the LED panel light?


Sometimes when using LED panel lights, you will find light leakage at the side corners. This not only indicates that the quality of the product is problematic, but also affects its aesthetics. So why is there a problem of side leakage? Today, Yenhua Lighting is produced. The manufacturer will explain to you:

LED panel light side leakage light causes:

1. It is not tightened during the installation process, resulting in light leakage.

2. Before entering the market, if the quality test is not passed, it should be checked whether the illumination is good from the visual to the surface.

3. There is a problem with the built-in light source position of the panel light, which causes the brightness of the light source to be too strong, and the side leakage phenomenon is felt.

LED panel light side leakage light solution:

1. When processing the LED panel light frame, pay attention to the problem of small gaps, and deal with the details to better solve the problem of side leakage.

2. The accuracy of the product details, product size and other issues should be handled well. Otherwise, it is very difficult to solve the problem of side leakage, otherwise it will affect the experience of ELD panel lights during use.

3. When selecting LED panel lights, you should select a manufacturer of LED panel lights with strong processing capabilities.

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