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LED panel light application range and its advantages


As a green energy-saving product, LED panel light is extremely suitable for indoor public places, such as subway stations, bus stations, banks, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, movie theaters and other places.

An important feature of public places is the long operation time. Some places even need to operate 24 hours a day throughout the year. At the same time, these places have a wide space, a large range, and high requirements for brightness. Therefore, the demand for lamps required for lighting in these places is large, and the lighting time is long. At this time, if you use traditional lighting products, it is a great energy Of loss.

 LED panel light application for office   office lighting

The use of LED panel lights in public places, in addition to the advantages of energy saving, another big advantage is:

The life span of panel lights is much longer than that of traditional lighting equipment. The service life of traditional lighting equipment is generally about two years, because subways, stations, hospitals and other places have a longer lighting time. In fact, the service life of traditional lamps is often less than one year.

However, as a new type of lighting equipment, LED panel lights use LEDs as light-emitting devices and use aluminum frames as heat dissipation materials, and the life span can basically reach about 5 years. One is a small repair every year, a big change every two years, and the other is one or four or five years. In terms of procurement costs, these public place operating units can save millions of dollars a year.

 The use of LED panel lights in public places, in addition to the above two advantages, there is another advantage is health. All company premises have a common feature, that is, dense crowd flow. Using traditional lighting equipment, strobe is an unavoidable problem. Although the strobe of traditional lamps and lanterns cannot be seen by the inner eye, the damage of strobe to the human eye is not real.

Using the LED panel lights of Shenzhen Yanhua Optoelectronics, we use two-stage PFC non-stroboscopic power supply, which eliminates the strobe from the root cause, giving people under the light a safe and comfortable lighting environment.

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