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Tell you the correct way to choose lights for home decoration (二)


Example application of household electric light source products

1. Selection of light source color temperature

In all kinds of lighting products, everyone's intuitive perception of light is what color light is. Some people like pure white, and some like yellowish ones. The color of this light is called "color temperature"in industry jargon.

We can compare and understand that the orange-yellow light of incandescent lamps, like the afterglow of the setting sun, seems warm. The color temperature range is about 2300-3300K (K is Kelvin, color temperature unit), also called warm yellow light;The long straight-tube fluorescent lamps used in the home, as well as the lamps commonly used in hospital wards, emit very white light with a cold feeling. The color temperature range is about 5500-6500K, also called cold white light;

Some energy-saving lamps or LED lamps emit light slightly whiter than the orange-yellow of incandescent lamps. The color temperature range is about 3800-4700K, which is called warm white light. It is between the cold white light and warm white light mentioned above, and the color temperature range is It is about 5000-5500K, usually called bright white light.

Regarding the color temperature reference range of home lighting, it can be roughly divided into the following areas:


Suitable for warm color light, color temperature is 2500-4000K, which adds food color invisibly;

Living room

The main lighting is either warm white (4000-4700K) or bright white (5000-5500K), to achieve a bright but not dazzling effect;the ambient light should use warm yellow light, 2500-3300K;spotlights and other embellishments Cool white light for decoration, with the main light to make the transition between heating and cooling;

Adult bedroom

It is appropriate to use warm yellow or warm white light to create a warm feeling on the bed;children's rooms and study rooms: it is appropriate to use warm white light to protect eyesight, bright and soft;

Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and yard

Bright white or cool white light (5000-6500K) should be used. It is bright and sharp, and the outline of things is obvious, which is convenient for picking.

2. Selection of light source power

The reference power of different types of lamps and lanterns in different places is as follows, taking LED light source as an example:

15 square meters of bedroom

Light-colored walls and light furniture, lampshades with downward openings, the total light source is about 15W;

For lampshades with upward openings or covering, the total light source does not exceed 25W;

Decorative lampshades with poor light transmittance, the total light source does not exceed 35W;

In the case of dark walls and furniture, increase 5W in each case.

15-20 square meter living room

On the basis of the bedroom lighting reference, 10-15W is added correspondingly for each of the above situations, which can be matched with the corner spotlights to create light and shadow of different color temperatures. As a supplementary light source, the LED strip on the upper part of the ceiling is customized according to length requirements.

Living room above 20 square meters

It is suitable for distributed lighting. In addition to the central main light, other positions can be matched with dot or linear arrays of auxiliary lighting sources. In terms of three-dimensional layout, ornamental LED light sources, such as glass or crystal light beams, can be used. For the convenience of temporary reading, a vertical fishing lamp or a hanging lamp can be hung on a corner of the sofa. How can the lamps be better with the indoor environment? Matching and fusion should be designed in advance or communicate with the decoration designer.

Kitchen, bathroom and balcony

To avoid oil fume and water vapor corrosion, closed ceiling lamps are often used, and fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps are selected as the light source. Compared with the current LED products, it is safe to use with less heat. The ring-shaped or U-shaped fluorescent lamp using electronic ballast is essentially an energy-saving lamp. It is no different from the integrated energy-saving lamp in terms of energy efficiency ratio and service life. The power is generally 32W or 40W.

Operating desk lighting under the wall cabinet

Suitable for the use of bipolar tubular T5 LED tubes, which are energy-saving and efficient, and easy to replace and operate. In fact, they are substitutes for bipolar tubular fluorescent lamps with the same appearance, but the internal circuit of the lamp holder is different. Special attention should be paid to the use of LED light sources to ensure good heat dissipation in the environment in which they are used. Severe heat build-up will cause the LED wick to be too rapidly photo-aging and damage. Therefore, it is advisable to buy low power.

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