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On the Necessity of Warehouse Lighting Design


In recent years, the Internet has developed rapidly, and information technology has been introduced into commercial and trade activities. The Internet has penetrated into all walks of life in society, and more and more people use online shopping malls as a way of shopping. In order to attract customers, major e-commerce groups not only compete fiercely on the quality, types and prices of goods, but the delivery speed is also the focus of attracting customers to shop. In order to increase the delivery speed, major e-commerce groups have established themselves in key central cities. Smart warehousing. In order to increase the shipping speed of the warehouse and maximize the work efficiency of the staff, a high-quality warehouse lighting system is one of the necessary conditions.

Studies have shown that high-quality warehouse lighting systems can not only improve the efficiency of warehouse logistics operations and ensure the safety of the intelligent warehouse environment, but also reduce the maintenance and operating costs of logistics enterprises.

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So what aspects does a high-quality warehouse lighting system include? Yenhua summarizes the following points for you:

1. Reasonable lighting scheme.

According to the visual comfort and the height of the environment, a reasonable lighting plan should be designed, and lamps with appropriate illuminance should be selected to ensure the brightness and uniformity of the intelligent storage lighting, reduce unnecessary shadows, and make the visual space clear and bright.

2. High-quality lamps.

On the premise of ensuring the color rendering index, the use of safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long-life anti-glare lamps is the key to improving the efficiency of warehouse staff.

3. Vertical illuminance.

Most of the visual operations in smart storage occur on the vertical surface. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the basic horizontal illuminance of the aisle, the vertical illuminance of the shelf is the most critical factor that determines the lighting quality.

4. The lighting is dimmable.

Smart warehouse lighting can be adjusted to normal brightness during the day, and the brightness of the lamps can be reduced at night when there is no one, but it can fully achieve the brightness of video surveillance. Dimmable lighting can save a lot of electricity expenses for huge smart storage.

With the rapid development of modern industry today, more and more warehouses have expanded to become highly automated, multifunctional, and high-density modern logistics centers. Therefore, how to design a scientific and reasonable warehouse lighting must be very important.

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