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How to make LED panel lights last longer in long-term use?


We all know thatLED panel light is an energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared,no ultraviolet, no electromagnetic interference, no heat effect, no radiation,no stroboscopic phenomenon. Yenhua Lighting LED panel light has the advantages of light weight, multiple waysof embedding and hanging wire, and easy installation. However, in the case oflong-term use, the LED panel light will also wear out, and with some wrongoperations, it is more likely to cause it to break down quickly. So let's talkabout the use and maintenance of LED panel lights now.


When will theLED panel light be broken?


1. LED panellights with poor quality are prone to failure. When purchasing, please look forbrands with quality assurance to buy.

2. Failure touse the LED panel light correctly in accordance with the product manual willalso cause malfunctions and hidden dangers.

3. During use,if the current is too large and exceeds the rated current of the LED panellight, it will cause some components in the LED driving current to be burned orbroken down.

4. LED panellights should choose products with good sealing, because in the kitchen andbathroom areas, the water vapor and water mist are very large. If the sealingis not good, it is easy to enter the interior of the lamp, reducing the life ofthe lamp and shortening.

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What are theways to maintain and maintain LED panel lights:


1. Whencleaning, please do not change the structure of the lamp and do not change itsinternal parts. After maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it iswithout missing parts and wrong parts.

2. Do not switchon and off frequently when using lamps, too frequent will still affect the lifeof the electronic components inside the LED lamp, thus affecting the life ofthe lamps.

3. It is bestnot to clean the LED panel light with water, just wipe it with a dry clothdipped in water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to dry it as much aspossible. Do not wipe it with a damp cloth immediately after turning on thelight.


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