European Square LED Panel Lights

  •  Intelligent Constance Illuminance PanelLight 600x1200mm

Intelligent Constance Illuminance PanelLight 600x1200mm

Input Voltage(V): AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Factor(PF):PF>0.9
Glare(UGR): UGR<22
Light Color(K):2700-6500K
Color Accuracy(CRI):Ra80
Lumens per Watt(Lm/W): 100Lm/W±5%
LED Model No:SMD 2835

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    Yenhua lighting

    Product Features:

    1. Patent owned, big energy saving, Adapt PIR sensing and constant illurnincance sensor. Light on when people come and off when people gone. Automatiocally dimming according to the change of daylight.

    2.Set constant illuminance threshold by IR remote. Delay off and can be saved automatically.

    3.Can open and close occupying sensing and constant illuminance function,Stepless dimming.

     LED panel light



    LED Panel lights can be used in just about any indoor space. Use them in schools, offices, retail spaces, hospitals, and many other places.


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