European Square LED Panel Lights

  • Germany TUV GS 620x620 aluminum panel light frame led panel ceiling mounted fixture 36w

Germany TUV GS 620x620 aluminum panel light frame led panel ceiling mounted fixture 36w

Input Voltage(V): AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Factor(PF):PF>0.9
Glare(UGR): UGR<22 or UGR<19
Light Color(K):2700-6500K
Color Accuracy(CRI):Ra80
Lumens per Watt(Lm/W): 120Lm/W±5%
LED Model No:SMD 2835

  • The function is as follows:

    1.  Ultra-thin design. It is only 10 mm thick and light weight. It is therefore suitable for any type of ceiling system.
    2.  Replace the lamp fixture directly. It can replace the lamp on the ceiling.
    3.  Easy to install. To save labor costs, you can install without tools.
    4.  Long life. The brightness of the LED panel light is 10 times that of the lamp. It is not necessary to replace the

       failed pipe frequently.
    5.  Easy dimming solution. Yenhua Lighting LED panel lights are dimmable and compatible with DALI, TRAIC

       PWM dimming systems.
    6.  High light efficiency. Yenhua Lighting panels feature the best SMD LED sources and reliable high PF LED drivers.
    7.  High CRI: Ra>80 is available. Usually, Ra >75 is a general parameter of the product.
    8.  Different sizes of irregular LED panels can be customized. With your quest, you can make LED panels of

       different shapes.

    Germany TUV GS 620x620 aluminum panel light

    CCT Adjustable LED panel light manufacturer

    LED panel lights use good quality components

     LED Panel light LGP UGR<19

    1X4, 2X2, 2X4 sizes are available for various demand. 

     Germany TUV GS UGR<19 120lm/w 62x62

    Installation Process

    Embedded installation


    Our LED panel light offers a uniform and extremely harmonious lighting, suitable for office, 

    workshops, utility rooms, livingrooms, underpasses, bank, hospitals, schools, meeting rooms, 

    restaurants etc.

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